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Kelvin Gastelum injured and from UFC 195 Kelvin Gastelum is out of his UFC 195 with an undisclosed injury per UFC officials on Wednesday.

The TUF 17 winner has been supposed to shoot on Kyle Noke in a welterweight bout. Instead Alex Morono (11-3) will be making his UFC debut and substituting Gastelum from Noke. Morono has won five-straight struggles. As a result of the switchup, a lightweight matchup involving Abel Trujillo and Tony Sims will now be part of the principal card. UFC 195 occurs in Las Vegas, Nev. on Jan. 2. Robbie Lawler defends his welterweight title against Carlos Condit in the primary event. Report: Jimi Manuwa requires on Nikita Krylov set for UFC Fight Night 83 According to The Daily Mail, light heavyweights Manuwa and Krylov are set to face off at UFC Fight Night 83 in London.
Manuwa (15-2) is coming off a second round TKO loss to Anthony Johnson at UFC 191. He’s gone 4-2 since making his octagon introduction in 2012. Krylov (19-4) is coming off a first round submission victory over Marcos Rog??rio p Lima at UFC Fight Night 74.
Additionally two more bouts have been added to this event.
Teemu Packalen vs Lukasz Sajewski Packalen (7-1) is coming off unanimous decision loss to Mickael Lebout in UFC Fight Night 72. Sajewski (13-1) suffered the first loss of his career, suffering a unanimous decision lost to Nick Hein at UFC Fight Night 69 in his promotional introduction. Daniel Omielanczuk vs. Jarjis Danho Omielanczuk (17-5-1) has gone 2-2 inside the octagon and is coming off a stoppage victory over Chris de la Rocha at UFC Fight Night 72. Danho (6-0) has won all of his fights by stoppage, such as four by knockout. He’s coming from a first-round TKO victory over Stefan Traunmueller at a Desert Force Championship event in Jordan. UFC Fight Night 83 takes place Feb. 27 at The O2 at London and below is the most up to date version of the card. Jimi Manuwa vs. Nikita Krylov ***Not Official** Michael Bisping vs. Gegard Mousasi Makwan Amirkhani vs. Mike Wilkinson Rustam Khabilov vs. Norman Parke Tom Breese vs. Keita Nakamura Henry Briones vs. Brad Pickett Davey Grant vs. Marlon Vera Arnold Allen vs. Yaotzin Meza Martin Svensson vs. David Teymur Chris Dempsey vs. Krzysztof Jotko Scott Askham vs. Chris Dempsey Teemu Packalen vs. Lukasz Sajewski Jarjis Danho vs. Daniel Omielanczuk Bellator’s Joe Schilling needs a rematch with Melvin Manhoef Kickboxing celebrity Schilling spoke to MMAJunkie on Tuesday and expressed his desire to fight fellow knockout artist Melvin Manhoef for a second time. “The Melvin rematch is logical for those fans,” Schilling informed MMAjunkie. “Our first fight was awesome and it was clearly more awesome for me than it was for him personally, but it was fantastic for the fans. I would love to fight Melvin again and it is definitely something I see happening in the future” Schilling (2-5) pumped out Manhoef is his Bellator introduction back in November 2014 at Bellator 131. Ever since that time, the GLORY kickboxer has dropped two straight spells in the cage, falling spells to Rafael Carvalho and many recently Hisaki Kato at Bellator 139 at June. Manhoef (30-12-1) is coming off a knockout win over Kato in Bellator 146 and is currently 3-1- 1 NC in his last five fights. Emmanuel Yarborough goes away at 51 The largest fighter to compete at the UFC, Emmanuel Yarborough, passed out on Monday evening. Yarbrough (1-3) who fought in the UFC and after in PRIDE, was at one time recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s biggest athlete. He was 616-pounds when he fought 195-pound Keith Hackney about the next UFC event in September of 1994. Yarborough was 51-years old.
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